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Can the Blu-ray Disc player playback 3D discs?

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If the model number listed on the front of your Blu-ray Disc player appears in the Applicable Products and Categories for this article section at the bottom of this article, then your Blu-ray Disc player is capable of playing back discs designed for 3D viewing.
The following is an image of the front and back cover of a Blu-ray 3D disc:

Spiderman 3D Blu-ray


  • A 3D TV connected to the 3D Blu-ray Disc player with a High-Speed HDMI cable is required to watch 3D video images.
  • For 3D viewing, some Blu-ray Disc players require the latest firmware version installed.

For additional model-specific information regarding the type of disc that the player will support, refer to the manual supplied with the product.