Article ID : 00165239 / Last Modified : 29/03/2019Print

An error message displays that says the Web browser is not supported or that the content is best viewed or optimised for the Google Chrome browser instead

    Similar error messages have been reported to occur with some of the Web apps listed in the Spotlight menu when the User Agent mode has been set to the Custom setting.

    The error messages have been reported to occur with the following pre-installed Web apps:

    • HBO GO
    • The Onion
    • The New York Times

    To resolve this issue, follow the steps below to reset the User Agent mode to the Default setting.

    1. Go to the Google Chrome browser main page.
    2. On the keypad remote control, press the MENU button.                                                                                                                                          Image
    3. Press the down arrow to select Settings.
    4. Press the ENTER button.
    5. Press the down arrow to select Advanced Settings.
    6. Press the ENTER button.
    7. Use the Optical Finger Sensor (OFS) to point and select Under the Hood.
    8. Under User Agent, use the OFS to select Default.
    9. Press the Back button (see image above) twice to exit the mode setting screen.

    The previously listed Web apps can now be accessed.