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The power turns off or shuts down suddenly by itself

    Most video cameras are designed to automatically turn off after a short period of time when not in use to help conserve the battery power. This normally occurs after the camera has been in the Standby mode for a few minutes and is normal operation. If this is the case, simply turn the camera on again to resume operation.


    • Some cameras may display a warning indicator or message on the screen before turning off; other cameras may not.
    • Some cameras have an Auto Shut Off function in the menu that can be disabled to prevent the power from turning off prematurely, however, not all cameras have this function.

    Other factors can potentially cause the power to shut off by itself. The battery charge can be affected by cold weather or other environments with low temperatures. The metal contacts on the battery may be dirty or corroded. In these situations, it is recommended to warm up the battery by putting it in your pocket for a few minutes and using a dry cloth or cotton swab to clean the battery terminals.
    Depending on the temperature change of the camera body or battery pack, the power automatically shuts off to protect them. In this case, wait until the camera body and battery pack return to a normal temperature, and turn the power on again.