Convenient, reliable operation

Image of ECM-B10 connected to the camera through Multi Interface shoe part without using a cable.

Cable-free connection 

No cables are required for connection to a wide range of Sony's cameras equipped with an MI Shoe, reducing interference, noise and complexity.
Illustration showing the battery of the camera body being supplied to the microphone

Battery-free operation

Power is also supplied via the MI Shoe in compatible cameras, so you don't need to worry about microphone batteries running out of charge during a shoot. 
Image of the rear panel of ECM-B10 showing the control switch and dials

Intuitive, easily visible rear panel

Controls for audio level, pickup pattern, filters and other functions are within easy reach on the rear panel, visible at a glance for reassurance and quick adjustments during shooting. 
Product image of ECM-B10 with a fur-type wind screen

Supplied wind screen

The ECM-B10 is supplied with an effective fur-type wind screen, easily detachable, that can reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors.
The image focusing on the part between the shoe and the rear panel that reduces low-frequency vibration noise

Designed to minimise vibration noise

The ECM-B10 has been designed to efficiently suppress noises caused by shock and vibration, while the cable-free design eliminates the possibility of noise caused by cable movement.
Image of a person using a camera mounted on a gimbal to collect sound near small river.

Dust and moisture resistant design

Complementing similarly dust and moisture resistant camera bodies and lenses, the microphone is designed for worry-free outdoor shooting.