Your choice of three pickup patterns

Super-directional, unidirectional, omnidirectional

Advanced digital signal processing makes it possible to offer three switchable directivity patterns in one versatile microphone, allowing you to select the area for audio pickup depending on the requirements of your shoot.

Simple switching operation

Choose the most suitable pickup pattern with an easy-to-reach switch 

A simple three-way switch on the rear panel of the microphone lets you quickly switch back and forth among the three pickup patterns, giving you the flexibility to adapt to your shooting requirements.
Illustration of three poler chart with rear panel switch. From left to right: super-directional, unidirectional, and omnidirectional
Image of a person taking a selfie in super-directional mode with the ECM-B10 attached to the camera.

Super-directional: focused front area

Ideal for interviews or selfies, the super-directional pattern collects sound from a focused area in front of the microphone, effectively suppressing sounds from off-axis and behind the camera.
Image of cameraman shooting musicians in unidirectional mode with ECM-B10 attached to the camera.

Unidirectional: wide frontal range

Perfect for multi-person conversations, the unidirectional pattern captures sound from a wide field in front of the microphone while minimising pickup from behind. 
A cameraman is shooting in a natural environment, checking the sound with headphones. The camera is equipped with a ECM-B10 set to omnidirectional mode.

Omnidirectional: sound from any direction

The omnidirectional pattern picks up audio equally from all directions, useful for recording environmental sounds or the voice of the camera operator.