Sony launches “REON POCKET 5” Smart Wearable Thermo Device kit with longer operating time and advanced cooling capabilities

Equipped with a newly developed thermo module and heat dissipation fan, with advanced automatic cold/warm switching function.


Sony today announces the UK launch of the smart wearable thermo device kit ‘REON POCKET 5’. Introduced to the UK market for the first time, this is the fifth generation model of the REON POCKET series, which can be worn around the neck to directly cool or warm the ​ part of the body that the device is in contact with.

Equipped with a newly developed thermo-module and heat dissipation mechanism, the device achieves a maximum of 1.8 times1 ​ the operating time of the previous model2 and a maximum of 1.5 times3 the heat absorption performance of the previous model2. In addition, the automatic cold/heat switching function has been enhanced to match the operating conditions and environment.

Up to 1.5 times higher heat absorption and up to 1.8 times longer operating time, with powerful cooling and quiet operation

A newly designed and enlarged thermo-module along with a newly structured heat radiation fan have improved cooling efficiency and heat radiation flow, resulting in heat absorption performance that is up to 1.5 times3 higher than that of the previous model2. This ensures powerful cooling and long hours of use, with improved noise reduction4.

‘SMART COOL ⇔ WARM MODE’ for quick temperature adjustment and advanced temperature control5

The ‘SMART COOL ⇔ WARM MODE’ function automatically switches between cool and warm modes enabling quick temperature adjustment according to environment and providing long hours of use with optimum temperature control.

In addition to the improved cooling function of REON POCKET 5, the updated REON POCKET TAG now detects direct sunlight6, reducing the time required for the temperature to adjust to various environments. The accuracy of temperature control has also been improved by utilising a total of eight sensors on the REON POCKET 5 and REON POCKET TAG, providing up to approximately 10 hours7 of use in ‘SMART COOL⇔WARM MODE.

Two airflow options for different outfits

There are two different airflow attachments to allow the heat of the REON POCKET to escape, suiting both business and casual wear. For shirts, the airflow attachment extends up to the height of the collar to suit the shape of the neck and back, while for casual use, there is a shorter attachment to suit lower collars.

Price and availability ​

REON POCKET 5 is available to pre-order in the UK from 23rd April 2024 with an approx. price of £139 including the REON POCKET TAG. The REON NECKBAND 4 will also be available to pre-order with an approx. price of £25.

For a full list of specs and information, please visit:


1 In case of comparison of drive time at level 1 to 4. It varies depending on the usage conditions and environment.

2 ​ RNP-4

3 ​ In case of a comparison between the heat absorption performance of the maximum cooling level and average heat absorption during the first 60 minutes of operation. Varies depending on usage conditions and environment.

4 ​ In the case of a comparison of noise values between the conventional model RNP-4 and COOL level 4 using our measurement method. Varies depending on usage conditions and environment.

5 ​ To use ‘SMART COOL ⇔ WARM MODE’, ‘REON POCKET TAG’ is required. ‘SMART COOL ⇔ WARM MODE’ can also be used with ‘REON POCKET 3’ and ‘REON POCKET 4’ by updating the dedicated smartphone application.

6 ​ Detection of direct sunlight and ambient temperature is only possible in conjunction with REON POCKET TAG. REON POCKET and REON POCKET TAG are not intended for use as heat stroke prevention.

7 ​ This is a guideline when used at rest in an indoor environment of 30°C at the default setting. Duration varies depending on usage conditions and environment.



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