Get the party started with Sony’s new powerful party speaker SRS-XV800


• Enjoy powerful surround sound with Omni-directional Party Sound and ambient lighting on the SRS-XV800
​ • Take the speaker anywhere thanks to its portable design and long battery life
​ • Transform your viewing experience with TV Sound Booster

Sony today announced the new SRS-XV800, a speaker built to party with loud and clear sound. Whether you’re hosting an epic party or enjoying your favourite movie or TV show, this speaker provides a powerful, room-filling sound, whatever you’re listening to and wherever you’re listening from.

Powerful surround sound for bigger parties
​ The SRS-XV800 features Omni-directional Party Sound that carries powerful sound to every corner of the room. Five tweeters deliver clear sound to both the front and rear of the speaker[1,2]. Plus, it’s all backed up with punchy bass you can feel, thanks to dual X-Balanced Speaker Units.

Sony’s X-Balanced Speaker unit features an almost rectangular diaphragm that not only maximises the area of the speaker diaphragm but also increases sound pressure for deeper and punchier bass, less distortion and greater vocal clarity for a richer, clearer and more rewarding listening experience.

Big sound on the move
​ With a built-in battery of up to 25 hours of listening time[3], the SRS-XV800 will keep the music going all night. If you find your speaker running out of battery, there’s no need to worry. With the speaker’s quick charging, you can get 3 hours of playing time from just 10 minutes of charging.

Built-in wheels and handle on the SRS-XV800 let you roll all the way to the party. Whenever you want to move the speaker simply take hold of the convenient carry handle and tilt it back.

Indirect illumination produces ambient light, so you can light up your room in a way that matches your unique style. Create an immersive experience by simply playing music through the speaker, as the lights will automatically sync to the beat and rhythm of the music, creating a captivating display of colours[4].

Enhance your viewing experience
​ Whatever you're watching, you want the very best sound. Thanks to deep bass and room-filling sound provided by Sony’s unique TV Sound Booster you'll get a sound so real you'll feel like you've entered the world on the screen.

A combination of TV sound and the SRS-XV800's two rear tweeters and X-Balanced Speaker Units boost your TV watching experience by enhancing the deep bass and realistic high-frequencies. The sound waves bounce off the walls to surround you with sound. The TV Sound Booster function [5] lets you enjoy the enhanced sound of audio-visual contents, such as live performance videos and movies, and immerses you in everything you're watching.

A portable, plug-in party-starter
​ The SRS-XV800 also features karaoke and guitar input, intuitive and illuminated touch panel, water resistant IPX4 rating [6] and Bluetooth® Fast Pair [7] for AndroidTM making it even easier to listen to music wherever you are.

Sony | Music Center and Fiestable
​ The new SRS-XV800 is compatible with both Sony | Music Center and Fiestable apps. With Sony | Music Center, you can select playlists, change lighting patterns and sound modes all from the dance floor. Fiestable allows you to access fun features to help create the ultimate party atmosphere, such as making a playlist, karaoke functions including Voice Changer and Echo, plus DJ control to add sound effects.

Environment in mind
​ Sony’s products are designed not only to pursue sound quality, but also to consider the environment. The recycled plastic originally developed for Sony is partially used for the body of the SRS-XV800. This reflects how Sony strives to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Pricing and availability
​ • The SRS-XV800 will be available for purchase in Europe from May 2023 for an estimated retail price of £599 / €699.


[1] Depending on the product position, a sensor optimises the sound for the layout and four out of the five tweeters are used.
[2] While the TV Sound Booster function is activated, the three speaker components (three tweeters) on the front side of the speaker are disabled to optimise the audio output for combined use with a connected TV.
[3] When MEGA BASS on, and the volume level is set to 14, lighting off. Actual performance may vary from the listed time due to the volume, songs played, surrounding temperature, and usage conditions.
[4] Available via Sony | Music Center app
[5] While the TV Sound Booster function is activated, the 3 speaker components (3 tweeters) on the front side of the speaker are disabled to optimise the audio output for combined use with a connected TV
[6] IPX4 Water resistant rating when upright and an IPX2 rating horizontally. Water resistance is effective only when the cap is closed. Not guaranteed for all situations.
[7] Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC

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