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I hear background sounds or white noise during a call, even with noise cancelling switched on.

Understanding the use and effect of the Sidetone function.

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    During a call, your headphone's microphone may pick up white noise, ambient and operational sounds even when the Ambient Sound Control or Noise Cancelling feature is on. This isn't a malfunction with your headphone rather the effect of the Sidetone function. As a result, the Noise Cancelling function during a call works differently than during music playback.  

    What is Sidetone?

    Many of us speak loudly during phone calls to ensure clarity. Have you ever heard someone talking excessively loud while using their headphones? It's often unintentional and happens because they don't hear themselves while speaking softly, which causes them to speak louder.

    Sidetone helps us identify at what volume to communicate by relaying the sound of your voice through the mic and back into your ears. By hearing yourself speak, you avoid talking overly loud. However, an active mic means that ambient or white noise can occasionally find its way into your headphones, especially in noisier environments.

    Sidetone only activates during phone calls, so it's normal to experience reduced Noise Cancelling and louder ambient sounds or white noise compared to when you're listening to music.