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Connecting your Bluetooth device to a Sony TV

    This article provides a general overview of how to connect different Bluetooth devices to your Sony TV, including headphones, soundbars, and speakers. You can also find out more about Bluetooth compatibility, how to connect to a non-Bluetooth TV, and how to troubleshoot common Bluetooth connection issues.

    Before you start:

    • Check that your Android or Google TV supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Only models that support this Bluetooth profile can pair with Bluetooth audio devices. All your product details can usually be found in the Help guide (Web manual) section of the Sony Support website.
      • How to access the online manual
    • Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets cannot be connected to the TV via Bluetooth.

    For details on how to pair your Bluetooth device with the TV, jump to the How to connect your Bluetooth devices to the TV section (click or tap the link).

    If you can't connect your Bluetooth device to the TV, jump to the Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection issues section (click or tap the link).

    What is the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)?

    The A2DP is a type of Bluetooth profile that supports the exchange of high-quality stereo audio signals. It enables you to connect your Bluetooth audio devices (e.g. headphones, soundbars, speakers) to an A2DP-supporting Android or Google TV. 

    If both the Bluetooth device and the TV support the A2DP Bluetooth profile, they should be able to connect. However, we cannot guarantee a connection with all Bluetooth audio devices.

    What if my Android TV doesn't support the A2DP?

    If your TV doesn’t support the A2DP Bluetooth profile, you can invest in a third-party Bluetooth dongle or wireless transmitter (e.g. Sony’s Wireless Transmitter WLA-NS7). Connecting this device to the optical output terminal on the TV will allow you to set up a Bluetooth connection between your TV and audio device. Refer to this support article for details on how to connect your Bluetooth audio device to the TV using a dongle or wireless transmitter.

    To check your TV’s compatibility and supported audio devices, refer to the following article: Can I use Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and soundbars with my Android TV or Google TV?

    Alternatively, you can check if your Sony TV supports the A2DP profile via the Sony Support website:

    1. Go to the Sony Support website.
    2. Type the Model name in the search bar.
    3. Click on Specifications.
    4. Scroll down to the Connectivity section.
    5. Check that A2DP (stereo audio) is listed under Bluetooth Profile Support.

    How to connect your Bluetooth devices to the TV

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    Connecting your Bluetooth headphones to the TV

    Before you start:
    • It’s important to check that your Bluetooth devices have sufficient power. The pairing procedure may fail if one or more of the devices have low battery power.

    Your Bluetooth headphones should automatically go into pairing mode the first time you turn them ON, either right after purchasing them or resetting the headphones. This process makes them discoverable on your TV (for a few minutes). 

    You can also manually activate pairing mode. Refer to this article for detailed instructions: BRAVIA Connectivity Guide — Headphones — Bluetooth.

    1. Set the headphones to pairing mode

    2. Pair the headphones with the TV


    If the pairing procedure isn't successful, your device will automatically turn OFF.

    Connecting your Bluetooth soundbar to the TV

    Before you start:
    • Remember to disconnect any HDMI cables that are connected to your soundbar. Your soundbar won’t be able to make a Bluetooth connection to the TV while an HDMI cable is inserted. If you insert an HDMI cable while your soundbar and TV are connected via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth connection will end and switch to an HDMI connection instead.

    Refer to this article for detailed instructions: BRAVIA Connectivity Guide — Sound Bar — Bluetooth.

    1. Set the soundbar to pairing mode

    2. Pair the soundbar with the TV

    Connecting your Bluetooth speakers to the TV

    Your smart speaker can also work as a Bluetooth speaker if you use a TV that supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).

    Refer to this article for detailed instructions: BRAVIA Connectivity Guide — Smart Speaker.

    To pair the smart speaker to the TV using the Bluetooth function:

    1. Press and hold the Bluetooth (or Pairing) button to set your speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode.
    2. Turn the TV ON.
    3. Set your TV's Bluetooth function to On:
      • Go to Settings > Bluetooth settings > Bluetooth > On.
    4. Establish a Bluetooth pairing:
      • Go to your TV Bluetooth settings.
      • Find and select your speaker’s name.
        Note: You may be prompted to enter a passkey (also referred to as a passcode, password, PIN code, or PIN number) to complete the pairing. In this case, you may enter 0000.
    5. Start Playback.

    Connecting other Bluetooth devices to the TV

    You can also connect other Bluetooth devices to your Sony TV such as a home theatre system, remote control, and wireless subwoofer.

    Refer to the BRAVIA Connectivity Guide for detailed instructions on how to pair these Bluetooth devices with your TV.

      Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection issues 

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