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Can I use Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and sound bars with Android TV?

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It depends on the TV model and Bluetooth device. Bluetooth headphones can only be used with the following models. Please make sure that your model is the list.

Applicable TV models

A2DP (Bluetooth headphone) functionality is applicable for the following TV series (after OS nougat update):

2018 TV Series

  • AF9
  • ZF9
  • XF83 
  • XF85
  • XF87
  • XF90
  • AF8 

2017 TV Series

  • XE85
  • XE90
  • XE93
  • XE94
  • A1

NOTE: On the setting menu, you can check whether your TV model supports Bluetooth headphones or not. If your TV supports Bluetooth headphones, A/V Sync will show under HOME> Settings> Sound in the TV category.

Applicable Bluetooth devices
These Bluetooth headphones are supported.
Note: Other Bluetooth headphones that support A2DP may work with your TV. However, we don't guarantee its operation.

  • WH-1000XM3
  • WH-1000XM2
  • WH-CH700N
  • WH-CH500
  • WH-CH400
  • WI-SP600N
  • WI-SP500
  • WI-C400
  • WI-C300
  • WH-H900N
  • WH-H800
  • WI-1000X
  • WI-H700
  • MDR-ZX770BN
  • MDR-100ABN
  • MDR-1000X
  • MDR-1ABT
  • MDR-XB650BT
  • MDR-XB950BT
  • MDR-XB950B1
  • MDR-XB950N1
  • MDR-ZX220BT
  • MDR-ZX330BT
  • MDR-EX750BT
  • MDR-XB80BS
  • MDR-XB50BS
  • MDR-XB70BT
  • MUC-M2BT1

Sound Bars

  • HT-SF200
  • HT-XF9000
  • HT-ZF9


  • Only one Bluetooth audio device can be connected to the TV at a time. It is possible to connect Bluetooth devices other than the Bluetooth audio device at the same time.
  • The codec used when transmitting the Bluetooth audio device is SBC (Sub-Band Coding) (LDAC, AAC, aptX, eSBC, etc., are not supported.)
  • Depending on the TV app used or Bluetooth audio device connected, some app operations performed from the Bluetooth audio device may not work. In such cases, please use the TV remote control to operate the app.

For other Bluetooth devices, if the device supports A2DP, it is highly likely that it can be used. However, Sony does not guarantee the operation as a manufacturer.

In the event of issues, such as no sound coming out even when using applicable products, refer to the following FAQ:
Troubleshooting for the Bluetooth connection with the audio device on Android TV released in 2017.