Article ID : 00230271 / Last Modified : 16/07/2019

Sound skips or cuts out from the Wireless Glass sound speaker(LSPX-S2)

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Depending on the usage conditions, the sound may skip or cut out on your LSPX-S2 speaker. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  • Use the speaker as far away as possible from these areas:
    • Places where a wireless LAN access point are set up.
    • Nearby microwaves in use, TVs, radios, tuners, and other such devices.
  • Move the connected Bluetooth® device closer to the speaker.
    • Issues may occur if there are walls, people, metal, or other objects that interrupt the Bluetooth communication between the speaker and your mobile devices.
  • Issues also happen if you're using apps or accessing the settings of your mobile devices. Stop the Bluetooth playback when performing these operations.
  • If connected to a mobile device, restart this device before reconnecting to the speaker through the Bluetooth function.
  • If you're using the Speaker Add function, bring the two speakers near each other.
  • Using the Music Center app to set the Bluetooth codec to SBC may also resolve the issue.
    • It may also be possible to configure the codec for Bluetooth connection on your Walkman® player or Xperia™ devices.
    • Check your mobile device manual for more information.
  • The DLNA®-compatible server is overloaded. Exit all applications that are currently running.