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What is Xperia Actions?

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    Xperia Actions is an application that monitors how you use your device, and then suggests changes to your device settings that are tailored to your needs.

    For example, if you typically silence all notifications before bed, Xperia Actions pays attention to that and asks if you’d like to set an automatic time window for muting your device. The application also gives usage improvement suggestions on a more detailed level, such as turning off charging sounds.

    Xperia Actions allows you to set up default actions related to specific places and/or a specific time frame. For example, when you are at home your device will automatically activate Do Not Disturb mode and lower the screen brightness from 23:00-07:00.

    To enable Xperia™ Actions

    1. Find and tap Settings → Assist → Xperia Actions.
    2. Tap the slider to enable one of the options.
    3. Select the desired option → SAVE.