Music Center for PC

    Importing content from a computer (Music Center for PC Ver.1.0)

    You can manage content (such as songs or playlists) stored on a computer using “Music Center for PC”.

    Importing songs from a computer

    1. Click [Import from computer] in the left pane.

      If you add a check mark to the check box for [Select a folder], you can specify a folder for the content that you want to import.

    2. Click [Start import].


    • If you import a file from an external HDD or a location other than the internal storage (HDD/SSD) to “Music Center for PC”, an error may occur due to a conversion failure. In this case, copy the file to the internal storage (HDD/SSD) and import it to “Music Center for PC” again.


    • You can import songs from the [Music] folder on the computer to “Music Center for PC” when you install “Music Center for PC”.
    • You can also import content to “Music Center for PC” by dragging and dropping the content from Windows Explorer to the content list.
    • If you click [Auto Import Setting] on the screen in Step 1, “Music Center for PC” will automatically import content from the specified folder when it starts up.
      Files that are added to the specified folder will be imported automatically.

    Importing a playlist

    You can import a playlist (File extension: .m3u or .m3u8) to “Music Center for PC”.

    1. Select [Import Playlist...] from the [File] menu.
    2. Select the playlist (File extension: .m3u or .m3u8).

      Select the folder that contains the playlist. Then, select the playlist file from the list.

    3. Click [Import].


    • If the playlist contains songs that are not stored on the computer, you cannot import the songs.