Music Center for PC

    Migrating libraries from “Media Go” to “Music Center for PC” (Music Center for PC Ver.1.0)

    When you install “Music Center for PC” on a computer, you can import the library of “Media Go” at the same time. If you cannot import the library during installation, specify the location of the library and import the data afterwards.


    Importing libraries when installing “Music Center for PC

    The library of “Media Go” is usually stored in the [Music] folder on your computer. The following window appears when you launch “Music Center for PC” for the first time after you install the application. Add a check mark to [[Music] Folder] and then click [OK]. The library will be imported. If there have been any files that are newly added to this folder, library will be imported automatically when you launch “Music Center for PC” the next and subsequent times.

    Dialogue: Import audio files to Music Center for PC.

    Importing libraries by specifying the stored location

    If you cannot import some libraries when you launch “Music Center for PC” for the first time, import them by specifying file location.

    1. Confirm file location.

      Launch “Media Go”, then select [File] - [Add/Remove Media from Library]. In the list of [Monitored Folders], confirm the location of the library that you want to import. Make a note of the stored location, if necessary. After that, click [OK] and close “Media Go”.

    2. Launch “Music Center for PC”.
    3. Select [Settings] from the [Tools] menu.
    4. Click [Import file], and then click [Add Any Folder...].
    5. Specify the file location that you confirmed in Step 1, and then click [OK].
    6. Click [OK], and then close the settings window.

      The specified folder will be added to the library folder. Then, the content in the folder will be imported to “Music Center for PC”.


    • You can also import the libraries of applications other than “Media Go”. Follow the same procedure as described in this topic.
    • If you add new music files to the library folder, the music files will be added to the library of “Music Center for PC” automatically.
      However, if a music file has been deleted from the library in the past, the file will be excluded from the importable files. As a result, the music file may not be recognized by the library of “Music Center for PC” even if the file is added to the library.
      In this case, drag and drop the music file directory via Windows Explorer. You can add the music file to the library again this way.