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Why is there no charger included with the HT-AX7 Portable Theatre System? Which one do I need?

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    By the end of 2024, the European Commission’s common charger initiative, which requires standardised chargers for mobile phones and similar devices (e.g. portable speakers), will be commonplace. In other words, consumers will be able to charge their electronic devices with any USB-C charger across all brands. Therefore, Sony decided to introduce the USB Type-C® port earlier in some models like HT-AX7 and be ahead of the wave. 

    What are the advantages of having a common USB-C charger?

    Remember that one drawer in the house jampacked with different chargers? Well, multiply that drawer across all EU households, and you can imagine a huge pile of electronic waste. So apart from the convenience of charging everything with the same USB-C charger, it’s also great for the environment. The EU estimates an electronic waste reduction of 980 tons per year. 

    What charger do I need to charge the HT-AX7 Portable Theatre System?

    To charge the HT-AX7 Portable Theatre System, you will need a USB-C charger of 15W or higher. Technically this is called USB Power Delivery, or USB PD. 

    • The power delivered by the charger (USB PD compatible AC adaptor) must be between min 15 Watts and max 45 Watts
    • As 45 Watts is the maximum charging speed, make sure to use an AC adaptor of a minimum of 45W if you want to enjoy the fast-charging function,
    • Caution: if you use an AC adaptor of less than 15 W, the front speaker charge indicator will flash, and the speaker system will not operate, so it needs to be higher than that. 

    If you want to find out more about charging and its relation to Watts, check our art of charging article