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How to set up the headphones using the INZONE Hub software

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

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    1. Set up the INZONE Hub software

    1. Download and install the INZONE Hub software
    2. Follow the appropriate model connection instructions:
      • If you are using the INZONE H9 or INZONE H7, connect the supplied USB transceiver to a computer and turn on the headphones. The headphones will automatically connect wirelessly with a 2.4 GHz connection.
      • Make sure that the USB transceiver switch is set to PC.
      • If you are using the INZONE H3, connect the headphones to the USB audio box and then connect the box to a computer.
    3. Start the INZONE Hub software, and customize the settings for each gaming application.

    2. Set up the Equalizer, Spatial Sound, and Dynamic Range Control

    Note: The following are examples using the INZONE H9 and a Windows 10 computer.

    1. On the Start menu, open Settings.
    2. Select SystemSound.
    3. Select App volume and device preferences.
    4. Set the Output settings of the desired app to Speaker (INZONE H9-Game / INZONE H7-Game).
      Note: If you don't use an app, or the app you are using does not have that setting, change the computer sound output settings by selecting SystemSoundOutput Speaker (INZONE H9-Game / INZONE H7-Game).
    5. Start the INZONE Hub software, and set up the Equalizer, Spatial Sound, and Dynamic Range Control as you desire.


    • For more details on how to set up the Spatial Sound Personalization refer to the Set up the Spatial Sound Personalization section.
    • After installing or updating the INZONE Hub software, the sound output device is set as Headset /Earphone (INZONE H9-Chat / INZONE H7-Chat), so you will need to change that setting.
    • If you connect the headphones to a computer, the Equalizer, Spatial Sound, Dynamic Range Control, Game/Chat Balance, and Microphone volume settings are active only when the headphones are connected using the USB transceiver with the USB transceiver switch set to PC. These settings cannot work when they are connected via Bluetooth.

    3. Set up the Spatial Sound Personalization

    Follow these steps to set up the Spatial Sound Personalization:

    1. Start the INZONE Hub software, and set the Spatial Sound setting to ON.
    2. On the Sound Settings screen, select Spatial Sound PersonalizationSettings.
    3. Select Next.
    4. Sign in to your account.
    5. Install the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer application.
      Click the appropriate button below for either Android or iOS.

    360 Spatial Sound Personalizer (Google Play) 
     360 Spatial Sound Personalizer (App Store)

    1. Sign in to the app using the same account as step 4, and analyze your ear shape following the on-screen guidance:

    1. When the Setting complete message is displayed, select OK.
      Note: After the setting is complete, the message Setting complete will be displayed in the Spatial Sound Personalization menu on the Sound Settings screen.