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Tips on how to manage your Android phone notifications

How do I disable or enable notifications on my Android phone?

    Many apps and websites compete for your attention via (push) notifications. Although notifications can be very useful (e.g., informing you of a security update), they can also become a bit overwhelming. This article explains some basic notification management concepts to help you establish the right balance. 

    How to disable app notifications on my phone

    Tap and hold the notification

    The easiest way to disable a notification is to tap and hold a notification. By doing this, you will open the app's notification settings. You can choose to turn off the notification or change the sound settings from default to silent. 


    • Press and hold to open the notification settings
    • Double-tap to interact with the notification and open the related content

    Dive into the Settings menu

    Alternatively, go to the Settings menu and select Apps & notifications. In this menu, you can Configure notifications. You'll be able to conveniently see which apps have most recently sent you a notification and enable/disable them by toggling the slider. 

    Use the App info shortcut

    Finally, you can also press and hold an app icon to open a quick settings screen. Tap App info to reach the app settings. Tap Notifications (you'll see the number of notifications the apps send you per day below) to reach the notification settings of that particular app.  

    How to disable website push notifications on my phone

    You may also receive website push notifications without having a dedicated app installed. You can manage those website push notifications via the browser app (e.g. Chrome) you're using:

    1. Press and hold the browser app to reach the browser app settings. 
    2. Tap App info 
    3. Tap Notifications & scroll down. There is a section called "sites", where you can see the websites that send you notifications. Toggle the slider to enable or disable the notifications.