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Xperia Home starts repeatedly after upgrading to Android 12

I get an error message "Xperia home stopped working" after upgrading to Android 12, what can I do?

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    Xperia home stopped working

    After upgrading to Android 12, you might experience repeated restarts of Xperia Home or see the message "Xperia home stopped working". 

    First of all, we apologise for the inconvenience caused. Our team is aware of this issue and has launched an investigation.
    The Xperia team plans to fix this issue as soon as possible with a future update. We thank you for your patience.

    Meanwhile, it's possible to resolve this situation by clearing the Xperia launcher app data.

    How to clear the Xperia Launcher data

    It's possible to temporarily resolve the issue by clearing the Xperia launcher app data. 

    Important: This procedure erases the Home app data: any user-created folders, widgets, app shortcut icons will disappear, and the default layout will be restored. Also, the Home app settings will return to their defaults.

    Find, and Tap Settings à Apps à All apps à Xperia Home à Storage & cache à MANAGE SPACE à OK

    Tips: how to open the Settings menu if it restarts

    • Option 1: After turning the power on, swipe the screen from the top quickly to open the quick menu.
    • Option 2: Launch the Settings using Google Assistant.
      • Launch Google Assistant by swiping the microphone icon on the lock screen or pressing the Google Assistant key, or tapping the microphone icon in the bottom window.
      • Use the voice command to go to "Settings" when the Google Assistant starts.
    • Option 3: If the error message "Xperia home stopped working" is displayed, select the (Information icon) App info.