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SAR & Headphones

    What is SAR?

    Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measures the amount of radio frequency (RF) power that is absorbed by the human head or body when using a wireless device. SAR is measured in watts per kilogram (W/kg) and is used in radio frequency exposure guidelines. Devices transmitting at a very low RF power will meet the low power exclusion level defined in European and international standards, for which SAR measurements are not required.

    Does it apply to my wireless headphone?

    The headphones of Sony transmit data using low power technologies (e.g. Bluetooth Low Energy). Because of the low RF power used, such devices are exempted from SAR measurements and therefore the SAR value is not available.

    Compliance related to the exposure to Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) is ensured by applying the applicable European or international standards. The CE mark located on your headphone indicates that the device is in compliance with the applicable legislation, including the essential requirements on Health & Safety.