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How to detach the table-top stand of Google TV™ models

How to detach the table-top stand for Google TV models

    Note: For these models released in 2022, please refer to the article How to change the height and position of the Table-Top Stand after it has already been set up.

    • A95K, A90K, Z9K, X95K, A80K, A83K, A84K, X90K, X91K, X92K, X93K, X94K series (55-85) 
    • X80K, X81K, X82K (43-75), X85K, X86K, X89K, 85X80K series 55”/65”/75”/85”

    Choose your model and proceed with the steps listed:

     X90J, X91J, X92J, X93J, X94J (50”/55”/65”/75”), X85J, X86J, X89J (43”/50”/55”/65”/75”/85”), X79J, X80J, X81J, X82J (43”/50”/55”/65”/75”) series

     XR-75X94J, 75X93J, 65X94J, 65X93J, 55X94J, 55X93J, KD-75X89J, 65X89J, 55X89J

     XR-75X92J, 65X92J, 55X92J, 50X92JKD-75X82J, 65X82J, 55X82J, 50X82J, 43X82J

     XR-50X94J, 50X93JKD-50X89J, 43X89J