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I cannot save photos or videos after upgrading to Android 11

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    You may encounter an issue when trying to save photos or videos captured using the Camera app. This issue occurs after upgrading your device to Android 11 due to an image storage conflict when you store more than 10,000 photos and movie clips on your Xperia device.  

    Please use the following workaround until a new software fix is released shortly.

    You will need to rename the existing folder where existing photos are stored to resume using the Camera app.

    To rename an existing image folder

    1. Swipe up to close the Camera app from the home screen
    2. Open the “Files” app, and tap () menu on the upper left screen. 
    3. Select the internal storage or disk (SD memory card) in which the Camera app saves the image files. Then tap the “DCIM” folder.  
    4. Tap and hold the folder named “100ANDRO” until a checkmark appears. 
    5. Tap the “Rename” item from the upper right menu (). Important! Please avoid names like “aaaANDRO”. Instead, try renaming from “100ANDRO” to “OLD_100ANDRO”. 
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all “aaaANDRO” folders are renamed. 
    7. Launch the Camera app to confirm that you can take photos and save them normally.