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How can I avoid the data writing error (buffer overflow error) when recording to media?


    Empty the media by the camcorder before recording.

    If a memory card is used repeatedly, garbage data may accumulate, preventing the image data from being written at the guaranteed speed. In this case, recording may stop suddenly.

    If this happens, empty the media to avoid the writing error. Emptying the media can erase more data than ordinary formatting.

    [Connection and Setup]
    Use an AC adapter.


      - If you perform this operation, all stored data is deleted.
        To avoid the loss of important images, you should save them on a computer or external drive, before formatting the media.
      - A memory card formatted (initialised) by a computer does not have guaranteed compatibility with your camcorder.
        Format or empty the media by the camcorder.
      - It may take from several minutes to several hours to erase data, depending on the capacity.
        You can check the actual time required on the LCD screen.