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HT-S350 remote controller missing?

    The remote controller of the HT-S350 Soundbar can be found in two different locations:

    First location: The remote is in the protective styrofoam

    The remote control is tucked away in the protective styrofoam wrap surrounding the Soundbar and can easily be overlooked. 
    Please make sure to thoroughly check the styrofoam before throwing it away. 

    HT-S350 packaging remote

    Second location: The remote is in the plastic accessory bag

    In later models of the HT-S350 Soundbar, the remote is now in a bag with the accessories (such as the instruction manual, batteries and cable). You can identify if the remote is in the bag by checking whether the model is in the following serial number range.

    S/N range:

    • HT-S350               CEL       From 1045350
    • HT-SD35              CEL        From 1008358
    • HT-S350               CEK        From 1010766
    • HT-SD35              CEK        From 1004975

    HT-S350 packaging remote (accessory bag)