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The wireless speaker cannot be charged using a USB AC adaptor.

The CHARGE indicator on the speaker does not light up.

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Check the following if the CHARGE indicator doesn't light up in orange on the SRS-XB501G Portable Bluetooth® Speaker:

SRSXB501G charge light location

  • Make sure the USB cable is securely connected to your speaker and USB AC adaptor.
  • Make sure the USB AC adaptor is securely connected to a working wall outlet.
  • Charging with a USB AC adaptor won't be possible if the internal battery of your speaker is consumed or isn't used for a long time. If this happens, use the supplied AC adaptor.
  • Use a USB AC adaptor with an output current of 3.0 A or more and a USB Type-C™ cable.
    • You can use the USB AC adaptor for an iPhone® cellphone or iPad® tablet, but charging time may take much longer.