Article ID : 00204640 / Last Modified : 22/11/2018

Why can't I change the Wide Mode Settings on Sony's Android TV?

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This may occur on your TV due to the following:

  • Wide mode settings aren't available during a 4K playback from an external device such as a Blu-ray Disc™ player, game console, etc.
  • If you connect an external device or video source to an A/V receiver that has 4K Pass-Through feature.
    • Make sure to connect the external device directly to your TV.
  • If you stream an app and then press the WIDE button, the TV displays Feature not available.
    • This is normal operation.
    • Change the aspect ratio in the app's settings.
    • Most applications don't have an option to adjust aspect ratio.
    • Make sure to check for available app updates.
  • If you watch a video through Screen Mirroring.
    • Change the aspect ratio on the mobile device.
    • Contact the mobile device's manufacturer for more information.

Important: Make sure to install the TV's latest software update.