Article ID : 00195001 / Last Modified : 15/01/2019

True Wireless: what to do when you lose your charging case or one of your earbuds

    Why can't I purchase a separate charging case?

    Both units and charging case require unique connection settings that can only be set at a Sony Authorized Service Center.

    When you lost, or have damaged your charging case or earbuds, you can send in the remaining headset unit(s) and/or charging case for repair. 
    Because of this unique tag-writing, the charging case and single units of the headset are not sold separately.

    Authorised Service Center

    Please contact Sony Authorised Service Center: once they receive your remaining headset unit(s) and/or charging case, they can replace your missing charging case or earbud and synchronise it with your original product. 

    NOTE: The warranty doesn't cover the cost of replacing the missing items.