Article ID : 00186296 / Last Modified : 25/06/2019

WF-1000X headset cannot connect with Bluetooth device using one-touch connection (NFC).

    Check the following.

    1. Remove the headset from the charging case and make sure that the headset is turned on.
      NOTE: You cannot make a one-touch connection (NFC) when the headset is inside the charging case because the headset is off.
    2. Keep the smartphone close to the charging case until the smartphone reacts. If you fail to connect, move the smartphone slowly on the N-Mark of the charging case.
    3. Check that the NFC function of the smartphone is set to on.
    4. If the smartphone is in a case, remove it.
    5. NFC reception sensitivity varies depending on the device. If you repeatedly fail to connect the headset with a smartphone by one touch, connect it to the headset by on-screen operation on the smartphone.

      For details of how to connect with NFC function refer to the following Q&A:
      How do I use the NFC function on my WF-1000X headset?