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Error message: can't record to external USB Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

    Possible error messages

    • Error: Can't start recording. A connected HDD has not been added. Add the HDD for recording?
    • Error: USB cannot be used for recording until it has been registered with the TV. Do you want to register the device now?
    • Error: Timer overlapped (including a currently recording timer); some or all of below timers won't recorded. Continue?
    • Error: Could not record a part of or all of the event. The main power was powered off.

    Check that connection with the HDD is correct

    Connect the hard disk to an appropriate USB terminal on the BRAVIA TV. For BRAVIA TV models with more than 2 USB terminals, connect the hard disk to the terminal with HDD REC labeled.

    Check the remaining memory of the HDD

    Check the hard disk space (free memory) and delete unnecessary programs if there is not enough memory.

    Programs that can't be recorded

    The following programs cannot be recorded

    • Programs with recording restrictions
    • Scrambled/encrypted signals
    • Copy-protected programmes
    • External input (including CATV)
    • Internet
    • Recording may fail if the broadcast time is changed.

    No improvement?

    If you're still experiencing this issue after performing the checks above, your product may need to be repaired.