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How to remove an External USB Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

    Safely removing an External USB HDD

    1. Turn off the BRAVIA TV by using the Power button on the remote or on the side of the TV.
    2. Make sure that the External USB HDD isn't powered anymore. Most models have a control light that will indicate if it's powered or not. If you're unsure about your own External USB HDD, then refer to the manual.
      New models receive power via the USB connection, older models might have a separate electric power plug.
    3. Disconnect the USB cable of the external USB HDD from the BRAVIA TV.

    The importance of removing an HDD in the correct way

    • When removing the USB cable while the external USB HDD is operating, the external USB hard disk HDD may break down.
    • There is a risk of data loss and/or hardware damage.

    Things to remember about your HDD

    • Don't disconnect the USB cable while the external USB hard disk is being accessed (while the control light is flashing). 
    • Always check the control light on the external USB HDD before disconnecting.
      You can disconnect the cable or turn off the device when the USB LED is lit.
      However, when the USB LED is still flashing, keep the cable connected.