Article ID : 00156509 / Last Modified : 23/08/2016

I cannot operate the projector with my mobile device

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If you are unable to operate the projector and experience symptoms like the below, please try the following options.

For example:

  • I can move the volume slider on the dedicated app for mobile devices, but the projector's volume does not change
  • A message saying “Confirm that Bluetooth is turned on, and close to Projector.” appears on the dedicated app for mobile devices

Please try the following:

  • Mobile device:
    • Try bringing the device closer to the projector
    • Try disabling and enabling again the Bluetooth function of the device
    • Erase the Bluetooth device pairing information of the mobile device, then try again
  • Projector:
    • Try restarting the projector
    • When two or more devices are used to operate LSPX-P1, wait for one person to finish his/her operation, then try again
  • Other options:
    • The access from the smartphone may be denied (access permission/prohibition can be set with the dedicated application for mobile devices). Install the dedicated application for mobile devices on a different device, then check/edit the registered device list. If a different device is not available, you can erase all registered device information by pressing and holding the RESET button near the DC IN 19.5V jack on the rear of LSPX-P1 for more than three seconds