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What is Wireless Stereo Function and how does it work?

    The Wireless Stereo feature of the Sony | Music Center (SongPal) app enables you to easily turn two identical compatible Wireless Speakers into a wireless stereo system, for a richer sound experience.


    • Please make sure to check for possible updates available for the Sony | Music Center (SongPal) app and for your audio devices before trying to use Wireless Stereo

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    The Sony | Music Center (SongPal) app lets you easily configure your Wireless Stereo sound setup.

    Follow these simple steps to create your Wireless Stereo group:

    1. Select a compatible Wireless Speaker in your list of devices
    2. Tap Group with other speakers

      Step 1
    3. Choose Wireless Stereo

      Step 2
    4. Choose whether the Wireless Speaker you started the setup with should be the LEFT or RIGHT channel

      Step 3
    5. Then, select the speaker you want to use for the other channel (the right channel if you chose LEFT in Step 5, and vice-versa)

      Step 4
    6. You now need to indicate which of your speakers you want to use external input sources from (USB or Audio In, for instance). Then, tap OK

      Step 5
    7. A Wireless Stereo group creation confirmation pop-up window will then appear. Press OK to confirm and proceed

      Step 6
    8. Finally, give your Wireless Stereo group a name

      Step 7
    9. The Wireless Stereo group is then created within approximately 20 seconds.

      Step 8
    10. Your speakers are now ready for Wireless Stereo playback and, depending on the model, will possibly light up a LED indicating whether they are the Left or Right speaker, for your reference. You can now enjoy your content in stereo mode!


    If you wish to disband the group or to swap your left and right speakers, select Edit Group in your Wireless Stereo group's window.

    • Selecting Swap left/right will enable you to swap the sound between your left and right Wireless Stereo speakers
    • Selecting Separate all will completely ungroup your speakers

    NOTE: To see the full list of Wireless Stereo compatible devices, please check this article .