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How can I restrict or allow apps using the Restricted Profile function?

    What's the Restricted Profile? 

    The Restricted Profile function prevents access to certain apps or services when enabled.

    How do I set up a Restricted Profile?

    Please use the following instructions:

    • [HOME] 
    • [Settings]*
    • [Personal - Security & restrictions] > [Restricted profile] > [Settings]
    • Set up a new 4-digit PIN  & Re-enter your PIN to confirm 
    • Choose [Allowed apps] 
    • Select your chosen app > [Allowed / Not allowed]

    Accessing your Restricted Profile

    To start using your Restricted Profile on Sony's Android TV, please use the following steps:

    • [HOME] > [Restricted profile] icon in the settings menu
    • [Enter Restricted profile].
    • A new message "Switching to Restricted Profile" will appear on-screen before the function is activated.

    To exit your Restricted Profile, enter the category, select [Exit Restricted profile] and enter your 4-digit PIN.
    A message "Switching owner" will appear on-screen to confirm the function has been deactivated.

    Changing the PIN in your Restricted Profile 

    You can also change your PIN using the following settings:

    • [HOME] > [Settings]*
    • [Personal - Security & restriction] > [Restricted profile] > [Settings]
    • [Change PIN]
    • Enter your old 4-digit PIN
    • Choose a new PIN > Re-enter your new PIN to confirm.

    Deleting your Restricted Profile

    Finally, you can delete your Restricted Profile by selecting:

    • [HOME] > [Settings] > [Personal - Security & restriction]*
    • [Restricted profile] > [Delete restricted profile
    • Enter your 4-digit PIN

    *NOTE: For Android Oreo (OSV-O), the settings icon is located in the top right-hand corner.

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