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Picture is blurred for fast moving objects (e.g. sports) or a moving text banner

    Picture blur occurs in TVs for two reasons:

    1. Normal TV signals comprise 50/60 successive frames every second (50Hz/60Hz). The human eye can see a slight ‘judder’ as it perceives slight differences in position between successive TV frames. This judder is most noticeable when on-screen objects are moving rapidly, where there’s a large difference between the image’s position in each frame. The effect is more pronounced still with movies that have been shot at an even lower frame rate (typically 24 frames per second for cinematic release or Blu-ray Disc).
    2. In all LCD TV's the liquid crystals used in the screen require a certain response time. The effect is more visible in low-temperature condition. It is not a malfunction.

    Blurry picture

    Motionflow technology has been developed to reduce this blur.

    To find out which setting is best for your particular viewing condition, we recommend trying the different Motionflow modes. To access Motionflow settings, press Home from the supplied remote try either of the following:

    a) For non-Android TVs: Select Settings > Display > Picture > Motionflow > choose Motionflow effect.

    b) For Android TVs: Select Settings Display Picture Advanced settings Motion

    NOTE: Not all BRAVIA models have the Motionflow option available in the menu. If Motionflow is mentioned in BRAVIA technical specs or marketing material by Sony, but the Motionflow menu is not available, then Motionflow settings are automatically adjusted by the TV.