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Comparing Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Picture-and-Picture (P&P) and Twin Picture modes

    Your TV can display one or two sources simultaneously; however, this depends on your model and the function selected. There are three different modes:

    • Picture-in-Picture (PIP): PIP is a special type of multi-window mode mostly used for video playback. It lets the user watch a video in a small window pinned to a corner of the screen while navigating between apps or browsing content on the main screen.
    • Twin Picture: You can enjoy two video sources at the same time by displaying an HDMI-connected device and a TV program (Built-in Tuner) on two screens.
    • Picture-and-Picture (P&P): You can watch two pictures (left and right) at once (e.g., connected device and TV program).

    NOTE: For details on operation method, refer to the Help Guide or i-Manual. 

    For more information on compatible TVs, please view the tables below (As of July 2018): 

    Android TVs

    (How to check if your BRAVIA TV is an Android TV



    Twin Picture

    2015 models
    (X94C, X93C, X90C, X85C, X83C, X80C, S85C, S80C, W85C, W80C and W75C Series)
    -✓ *1
    Other models✓ *2-


    Other TVs




    2015 or later--
    2014 or earlier✓ *3✓ *3



    • To use this function, please make sure that you have the latest software installed on your TV.
    • Only digital 2K and analogue signals can be displayed while using Twin Picture.
    • Twin Picture is unavailable when watching satellite, digital or analogue channels or when using specific apps (such as YouTube). Please switch the input to an HDMI source before pressing the ACTION MENU button.
    • The only combination of sources you can watch with two screens is a TV program (Built-in Tuner) and an HDMI device.
    • For more details, please refer to the following article: How to use the Twin Picture function on Sony's Android TV?


    • This function was added with Android Nougat. To use this function, please make sure that you have the latest software installed on your TV.
    • The small screen is displayed on the corner of the last app used. However, the app that is displayed may vary depending on certain conditions.
    • Operations such as changing the channel are disabled while watching with a small screen.
    • TV programs, external input such as an HDMI device, apps that playback movies or some apps that play back pictures or music cannot be displayed at the same time.
    • The position of the small screen is automatically adjusted. You cannot set it manually.


    • The availability of either Twin Picture (PIP or P&P) depends on the model. 
    • For more information, please refer to the i-Manual.