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I am unable to use the Screen mirroring feature of the Blu-ray player

    If you struggle to perform Screen mirroring with your Blu-ray player, please go through the verifications (1), notes (2), settings (3) and troubleshooting steps (4) below.

    1. Check whether your source device supports Miracast technology
      This feature uses Miracast technology to create a direct wireless connection between your source device and the Blu-ray player.
      Your device must support Miracast (Screen mirroring) for this feature to work.

      NOTE: Miracast is a communication technology that was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance and allows compatible devices to form a direct wireless connection and transmit content (such as videos).
      • If using an iOS device
        Because iOS devices do not support Miracast, they cannot perform Screen mirroring.
        The inability to perform Screen mirroring is a specification of iOS devices.
      • If using an Android device
        Refer to the list of Wi-Fi Certified Miracast devices found on the Wi-Fi Alliance website for more details.
      • If using a Windows 10 device
        Screen Mirroring playback may not be displayed due to compatibility limitations with the Windows video driver.

    2. Notes when using Screen mirroring
      • The Screen mirroring function does not require an access point (wireless LAN router) between the Blu-ray player and mobile device.
      • Check that the Blu-ray player and the TV are connected by a cable before connecting the Blu-ray player to a mobile/source device using Screen mirroring.
    3. Confirm the Screen mirroring settings
      1. Press the Home button on the remote control of the Blu-ray player.
      2. Select the Screen mirroring icon from My Apps.
        NOTE: If there is no Screen mirroring icon in the My Apps area, select it from All Apps.
      3. Turn on the Screen mirroring function of your compatible device.
        A screen similar to the following will be displayed.

      4. Select the device that matches the name displayed on the TV screen.
        You only have to make this selection the first time you are making a connection.
        Future connections should happen automatically when Screen mirroring is turned on for both the device and the Blu-ray player.
      5. The screen from your device should now be displayed on the TV screen.
    4. Try Screen mirroring after troubleshooting as follows
      • Restart your mobile device
        Your mobile device may have temporarily malfunctioned.
      • Restart the Blu-ray player
        The Blu-ray player may have temporarily malfunctioned.
        1. After turning off the Blu-ray player, unplug the power cord from the outlet.
        2. Reinsert the power cord into the outlet, and turn on the Blu-ray player.
      • Change the Screen mirroring RF Setting on the Blu-ray player
        Depending on interference from other wireless networks, the sound and picture quality while Screen mirroring may drop.
        Please change the wireless frequency or channel setting.
        1. Select Network Settings on the Blu-ray player.
        2. Select Screen mirroring RF Setting.
        3. Change the setting to any item (CH 1 or CH 6 or CH 11) other than Auto.
        4. Retry Screen mirroring.
        5. If Screen mirroring still does not work, return to Step 3 and change to a different CH.

          NOTE: When using a large number of wireless devices, even changing the wireless frequency or channel may not solve the confusion, thus causing an inability to connect or adversely affecting the picture quality when connections are possible. Try reducing the number of connected wireless devices in the player's surroundings.