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How to view and listen to the pictures, videos, and music on a USB device

    If you want to play back the picture, video, or music files stored on a USB device, follow the steps below.

    1. Connect the USB device to the TV, and then turn on the device.
      NOTE: If you are having trouble connecting your digital camera or Handycam, please see the following page.
      TV does not playback videos from a camera or camcorder connected using a USB connection.
    2. Press the Home button and select  Image  (Media Server), then USB.


    3. Choose a file from the list, and playback will start.
      • From Media Type: on the right side of the screen, you can switch the display to show All, Photo, Music, or Video.
      • For more information on playable file types, check the instruction manual for your product.

    If you want to display a list of folders

    1. If the playable files on your USB device are currently being displayed in a list, press OPTIONS on your remote controller.
    2. Use the ↑ ↓ button to select Folder View.
    3. The list will switch to a system of folders.
      NOTE: If you want to end the Folder View display, return to the Option menu, and select Folder-less View.