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How to properly attach the waterproof case to your Action Cam

    Follow these instructions for attaching the waterproof case SPK-AS1 to your Action Cam.

    1. Slide the buckle lock in the direction of [1] and hold it, then hold the circled parts and swing out the buckle in the direction of [2].
    2. Open the case cover and insert the camera in the case body.
      Release the REC HOLD (lock) switch on the camera.
    3. Insert the tab of the case body into the slot of the case cover.
    4. Hook the buckle over the tab on the lower part of the case cover [1] , then close the buckle in the direction of [2], until it clicks into place. Close the buckle until the buckle lock returns to the original position.

    See the video below for more information and guidance on how to attach the waterproof case SPK-AS1.
    NOTE: This video is only available in English.