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When the camera is inserted in the Waterproof Case, the case fogs up inside

    Fog formation can be avoided if you insert the camera into the waterproof case in a place where the temperature difference is small, and the air is dry with low humidity.

    Since the waterproof case is sealed when it is closed, if the humidity inside the case is high, fog is formed depending on the difference of the temperature inside and outside the case.
    Fog may also be formed if the lens part of the waterproof case is exposed to cold air, because temperature difference occurs.

    To avoid fogging:
    • Insert the camera in the waterproof case in a dry place with low humidity.
    • Insert the camera into the case where little change or no difference in temperature occurs.
    • Fog formation can also be avoided by using the AKA-AF1 Anti-Fog Insert sheet (sold separately).

    Additional information on using an anti-fog sheet (AKA-AF1) is available from the following links:
    Using an anti-fog sheet (AKA-AF1)