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When playing video and audio on the TV using wireless network, the video and audio quality is worse when other wireless device are used simultaneously.

    A wireless connection using the BRAVIA room link feature, the Screen Mirroring function or the Wi-Fi Direct feature may worsen the sound or picture quality on the TV when using other wireless devices. The following are household devices that may cause interference:

    • Cordless phones
    • Transceivers

    Follow these steps to improve video and audio quality.

    NOTE: Each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the quality of the sound and picture after completing each step.

    1. Place the wireless device away from the TV and the wireless access point. NOTE: A wireless access point is usually a Wi-Fi router or modem.
    2. If possible, set the wireless access point to 5Ghz. NOTE: If the wireless access point does not support 5Ghz, move to step 4.
    3. From the Settings menu of the TV, perform a Network Set-up.
    4. Turn off or disconnect the other wireless devices.


    • The TV supports a 5Ghz connection as an access point.
    • A 2.4Ghz should be used for Wi-Fi direct and Screen Mirroring.