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How to set the wireless LAN settings using SongPal application in your smartphone

    Follow these steps to set the Wi-Fi network settings using Music Center (SongPal) application.

    1. Connect the mobile device and audio device via a BLUETOOTH connection. A Bluetooth connection is required in order to connect via Wi-Fi.
    2. Connect your audio device to a Wi-Fi network using Music Center (SongPal) application. 
      1. Tap the Music Center (SongPal) application icon SongPal_app_icon on your mobile device.
      2. On the Speaker & Group screen, select the audio device.
      3. Tap Settings on your audio information screen.
      4. Select Network Settings.
      5. After a Bluetooth connection has been made, follow the on-screen instructions and connect your audio device to a Wi-Fi network.

    NOTE: When the audio device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, Music Center(SongPal) terminates the BLUETOOTH connection, and the Music Source screen is shown.

    For more information about how to connect to your audio device, please check the website below. 
    Music Center Help page: