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Images are not sharp (Camcorder)

Images are not sharp

    A dirty lens can cause focus failures and blurry images. The front lens can be inadvertently touched with the finger, which leaves some grease on the lens. In this case, please clean the lens with a soft dry cloth (microfiber).

    Make sure that the camera is set to Autofocus.

    However, under certain conditions it is difficult for the camcorder to set the proper focus automatically

    · Dark environment (Autofocus cannot adjust properly or fast enough)

    · Moving subject (e.g. children, pet, sport event)

    · When using the zoom (tele) the image can easily be blurred due to camera shake

    · When using the digital zoom (if available) the quality of the video can decrease

    · The camera is used beyond the minimum possible distance between camcorder and subject while maintaining sharp focus.

    Furthermore, some lighting conditions require that using the manual setting of the camcorder is necessary.

    If the recording conditions are not suitable for Auto Focus operation, adjust the focus manually.

    To ensure that the camcorder is properly configured, it is advisable that you reset the camcorder to its factory settings.

    Reset the camera using the respective option. To determine whether or not your camera has a RESET button or a Initialize option within the menu refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. The camera can be reset by using one of the following options.

    · Using the Initialize option in the menu

    · Using the RESET button on the camera

    reset camcorder

    · Performing a manual power reset

    1. Turn off the camera.

    2. Remove the battery pack.

    3. Remove the button-sized lithium battery.

    4. Allow the camera to remain without power for 30s

    5. Reinsert the button-sized lithium battery.

    6. Reinsert the battery pack.

    7. Turn on the camera.

    This will ensure that the camcorder is not wrongly configured.
    Note: the date and time will need to be setup again.

    To perform a basic Autofocus test for the camcorder the following procedure is recommended:

    When the camcorder is reset, turn it on and select movie mode.

    camcorder start/stop

    Set the camera to iAUTO/AUTO-mode using the menu or by pressing the dedicated iAUTO -button on the camera.

    camcorder auto mode button

    Make sure the iAUTO-icon is displayed on the LCD.

    camcorder auto mode icon

    Take a movie of an object 1 meter away from the camcorder in a bright environment with the zoom set to wide (W). This will ensure the issue is not caused by a wrong setting.

    camcorder test movie

    Review the images and check if they are properly focused.

    If the problem persists and the camera is not able to focus properly the device is probably out of order and a repair may be necessary.