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High-Res Music gadgets to pack in your carry-on bag

Whether you’re getting ready for a lengthy business trip or gearing up for an exotic vacation, you’re always thinking about your next destination. But just because you’re never in one place for long, doesn’t mean you can’t bring all the luxuries of home with you. Granted, space in your suitcase or backpack is limited, which is exactly why we are suggesting some travel-friendly High-Resolution Audio headphones and music gadgets for you to add to your travel packing list. 

World-renowned travel expert Rick Steves never goes without a good pair of headphones and a portable music player. He considers noise-cancelling headphones to be a must-have for listening to music during transit and for blocking out background noise (like a snoring passenger) on long flights. 

Check out the great options below for a trip you’ll never forget. Bon voyage!

Headphones for the Comfort-seeking Traveler

Our suggestion: MDR-1ABT Bluetooth® Headphones

If you’re looking to infuse luxury with your passion for High-Resolution Audio, look no further. Not only do the MDR-1ABT Bluetooth® headphones have plush leather ear pads detailed with a sleek silver finish, but they also deliver unmatchable sound quality. Optimized with LDAC technology for High-Resolution Audio Bluetooth® streaming, these headphones bring out the raw emotion behind every note, and are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re sitting front-row at a concert instead of traveling in a noisy, cramped airplane. 

The MDR-1ABT headphones also allow you to control the music with the touch of your fingertips. The ear pads have touch sensor controls so you can stop or play tracks with one tap, and swipe left and right to play a previous or new track. You can even trace and stop for scanning, as well as swipe up and down to adjust the volume so you don’t have to take your music device out of your pocket while traveling.

For those of you who are getting ready for a long-haul flight, comfort is a top priority. Lucky for you, these headphones feel just as good as they look. The pressure-relieving ear pads rise and shape around your ears for a snug, yet relaxed fit, perfect for that international flight. Seamless stitching on the leather headband allows for a smooth feel and exceptional durability, so you know your headphones are in it for the long haul. 

Although they’re larger than many others, the MDR-1ABT headphones are extremely travel-friendly and allow you to take your music everywhere. A sliding metal headband and swivel folding ear cups make it effortless to pack and store your headphones in your carry-on bag. 

Headphones for the Style-conscious Traveler

Our suggestion: h.ear on Headphones

For those of you who like to travel in style and prefer a punch of color to match your personality, try the h.ear on headphones for size. Available in a wide array of fun, vibrant colors, you’re sure to find a pair that’s a perfect fit for you. Choose from a cool viridian blue, a sleek charcoal black, maybe a Bordeaux pink, a cinnabar red or an electric lime yellow — whatever coordinates best with your lifestyle!

Most importantly, the h.ear on headphones also provide the ultimate sound experience. By capturing music at a higher rate than CDs, the headphones offer an uncompromised rendition of an artist’s music. The titanium-coated diaphragm domes also minimize distortion, allowing you to fully focus and enjoy the music whether you’re on a noisy subway or taking off for flight. 

The secure and freely adjustable headband guarantees lasting comfort, so you can enjoy the ultimate listening experience wherever you are. These headphones are also designed to fold so that they’re compact and easy to fit into your carry-on bag or coat pocket. Additionally, the h.ear on headphones come with a carrying case, in-line remote and mic to take calls and control music, as well as a tangle-free cable to complement your on-the-go lifestyle. 

Walkman® for the Tech-savvy Traveler

Our suggestion: NWZ-A Series Walkman®

If you’re on top of the latest trends in music technology and care about playing studio-quality High-Res Music while you travel, you’re familiar with the Walkman® A Series. Not only is this Walkman conveniently portable, but it can also improve the sound of your existing music library with DSEE HX™ technology. This allows you to enjoy your music with a richness and fidelity that matches the original recording in a portable format. 

The NWZ-A Series Walkman® was designed from the inside out for top audio performance, and also functions as a highly sophisticated, chic travel necessity. Created with premium craftsmanship and attention to the smallest detail, this Walkman® is both compact and light, and able to fit into your pocket for easy use. 

The NWZ-A Series Walkman® also has 64 GB of internal memory, making it the perfect Walkman® for music fans who want to carry all their favorite songs wherever they go. Enjoy approximately 30 hours of playtime with the long-lasting battery. Go ahead and slip this high-res quality sound into your pocket before your next trip, and start your journey with the perfect travel companion! 

Headphone Amplifier for the Sound-obsessed Traveler

Our suggestion: USB DAC PHA-3 Headphone Amplifier 

The USB DAC PHA-3 Headphone Amplifier is for those who go on adventures so amazing, they deserve an amplified soundtrack. Enjoy music the way the artist truly intended it to be listened to with High-Resolution Audio technology to hear the most subtle of nuances. The amp supports the very latest 384kHz/32-bit PCM and 5.6MHz Double DSD formats.

This capability coupled with a balanced cable provides you with absolute clarity and sound purity, allowing you to feel the raw emotion and energy of the original recording. Get ready to be virtually transported to a live studio performance from the shores of a Caribbean beach, atop the snowcapped mountains of the Alps, or whatever your exotic location may be.

The advanced design seals music in and blocks unwanted noise from ruining your music experience while traveling. The all-metal housing guarantees exceptional durability, so feel free to bring this portable music gadget along with you anywhere and everywhere you go — it can handle it. 

Now that you have a complete list of High-Resolution Audio headphones and gadgets to take with you on your next adventure — be it great or small — you’re fully prepared to jet off to your destination! Pick any of these perfect travel companions for a great music experience that’s sure to make your time in transit fly by. 

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