2016 High-Res Music Gadgets

Out with the old, in with the new: Top High-Resolution Audio products for 2016

The start of a new year can mean many things: a fresh set of resolutions, a new wardrobe, a promise to stick to your fitness routine and the chance to collect the latest and greatest must-have music gadgets!

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your music equipment in the New Year, then take a look at this. We’ve put together our top picks for the best headphones, speakers, stereos and other High-Resolution Audio music gadgets to look out for in 2016.

h.ear on Headphones

Hello, eye-candy! These gorgeous headphones are available in five different vibrant colors ranging from Viridian Blue to Cinnabar Red. Not only are they stylish, but they also offer premium High-Resolution Audio sound quality and long-listen comfort. Plus, the compact folding design makes them easy to fit into your work bag or purse and dash out the door.

h.ear on Headphones Top Features

High-Resolution Audio sound quality: By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bitrate accuracy of each sample, the h.ear on headphones offer an uncompromised rendition of an artist’s music. Savor every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

Smartphone-compatible with inline remote mic: Take hands-free calls and switch tracks without ever having to touch your smartphone, thanks to the inline remote and mic.

Dynamic HD drivers deliver authentic sound: 1.57” High-Resolution compatible HD driver units reproduce frequencies up to 60 kHz and deliver a powerful, responsive low range. The lightweight CCAW voice coils deliver a high-linearity response for stable, true-to-source high frequencies.

Titanium-coated diaphragm domes for superior clarity: Diaphragms with a titanium-coated dome give a more consistent and precise sound across the entire frequency range. Sound energy lost during transmission to the headphone housing is more uniform for a true and authentic performance.

Beat Response Control: Beat Response Control technology delivers a tight, deep bass response, making it perfect for low-end focused music styles. An air vent maximizes airflow within the low frequency range, optimizing the efficiency of the diaphragm to enable more accurate reproduction of bass rhythms.

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NW-A20 Series Walkman®

2016 is the year to go bold and be colorful. For those who want to stand out in the New Year, consider investing in the NW-A20 Series Walkman®. Distinctive styling, sleek lines and refined materials make this music gadget a pleasure to look at.

NW-A20 Series Walkman® Top Features

Includes noise-cancelling headphones: The NW-A20 series comes with exclusive bundled headphones (depending on the model you purchase). These High-Resolution Audio compatible headphones mute distractions from the world outside, so it’s just you and your music.

Upscale your existing music to near high-resolution sound quality: DSEE HX™ technology injects more life into your music.

Bluetooth® streaming at its best: You can enjoy High-Res Music in exceptional sound quality thanks to LDAC, Sony’s premium wireless codec with 3 times the bitrate of standard Bluetooth®

One-touch wireless connection: You can easily make an instant Bluetooth® connection to NFC-enabled speakers and wireless headphones. Just tap them to the on-body N-mark for a one-touch wireless connection.

Exceptional battery life: We’ve improved the battery life, so you can now enjoy up to 50 hours of High-Resolution Audio playtime.

The HT-NT3 Sound Bar

Whether wall-mounted or flat, the HT-NT3 offers both streamlined design and breathtaking sound quality. Thanks to its virtual surround sound technology, this sound bar delivers an immersive movie and music experience. It’s the most effective way to bring movies and music to life.

HT-NT3 Sound Bar Top Features

Sleek style: With a depth of only 6.3cm (2.5”), the HT-NT3 is slim, sleek, and compact, designed to pack high-quality surround sound into a discreet, stylish design.

Engineered for exeptional sound: The woofer and tweeter are housed within a single speaker unit, utilizing separate drivers to reproduce a full range of sound that perfectly supports High-Resolution Audio playback.

Connect instantly: Make a quick connection between selected smartphones and the sound bar with NFC One-touch.

Bluetooth® streaming: Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth®. LDAC codec supports up to three times greater bit rate than typical Bluetooth® streaming, allowing you to enjoy High-Res Music in superior sound quality.

TA-A1ES Audio Stereo Amplifier

For audiophiles who want the best of the best, this amp is for you. The TA-A1ES offers spectacular, smooth sound in addition to its modern and elegant design. And if you like to blast your music, this next-gen amp makes it easy to do so. Its field-effect transistor (FET) input buffer delivers enhanced sound quality with low distortion, so you can turn up the volume with your High-Resolution Audio files without a loss in sound quality. This is the perfect amp for entertaining guests at your next get-together.

TA-A1ES Top Features

Turn up the volume: The TA-A1ES has simplified the circuitry of the amplifier’s final stage by reducing transistors and eliminating the emitter resister, coil and capacitor. The result is a high power output with low distortion, so you can turn up the volume without a loss in sound quality.

Expert balance for powerful performance: For long-lasting, high performance, the TA-A1ES intelligently controls the bias by a volume position to heighten the sound quality.

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