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Aleksandra Szmigiel

Aleksandra Szmigiel | Poland

"I don't like to speak too much. I prefer to tell stories with my photos"

Aleksandra Szmigiel was born in 1988 and lives in Warsaw. A graduate of the University of Warsaw (Journalism, press photography), the award-winning photojournalist, specialises in sports photography and works closely with the renowned photographic agencies Reuters and Reporter. Accredited many times for major athletic events such as the World Championships, European Championships and Diamond League meetings, she likes to search for the detail in a moment, stories that others didn’t notice, as well as to tell athletes something new about themselves. She likes to draw attention to less obvious things, unnoticed by the naked eye. Aleksandra is also a former athlete, running 800 & 1500m – something she still does to this day.

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