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What HiFi have handed out two of their most prestigious awards to Sony TVs. The 65XH90 won a “Best Buy” award, while the 48A9, Sony’s smallest ever MASTER Series OLED TV, won the biggest prize of them all, the “Product of the Year”.

What HiFi were impressed with both, but which TV is the perfect match for you?

What HiFi:“Product of the Year”

KD48A9 – Sony’s 48” MASTER Series OLED TV

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“This is, without doubt, the best sub-55-inch TV you can buy – and possibly the best ever made."
What HiFi, Oct 2020

What HiFi:“Best 65 inch TV under £2000”

KD65XH90 / KD65XH92 – Full Array LED TV

See What HiFi’s Comments

“Bright, beautiful and effortlessly smooth – this is one of the best LCD TVs around"
What HiFi, Oct 2020

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“Product of the Year”

• What Hi-Fi? praised Sony’s 48” OLED for it’s “striking picture performance”, “solid app selection” and “strong sound”
• Play the video below, to hear What Hi-Fi? Explain why they deemed the 48A9 to be the best TV of the year

“For sharpness and detail, there’s never been a better TV at this size”

The 48A9 includes Sony’s wold famous, X1 Ultimate processor, the same processor used to drive our 8K TVs. It precisely analyses image data to bring out the intense contrast of OLED, with pure blacks, peak brightness and truly realistic pictures.

“The Sony A9 is a significant step-up on its closest rival for sound, too.”*

By having the screen act as the speaker, sound and picture work perfectly together with sound coming from the right place on the screen for a more cinematic experience. 

“It may well be the best sub-55-inch TV ever made.”*

Super thin bezel keeps you focused on the screen for a truly immersive viewing experience. With its compact size, thin form and simple one slate design, this TV harmonises with your living room.*

Actual look may differ depending on TV size.

Or will the KD65XH90 be the perfect match for you?


“Best 65 inch TV under £2000”

• What Hi-Fi? awarded the KD65XH90 / KD65XH92 the Best Buy award for it’s “Excellent HDR handling”, “Vibrant colours” and “Top notch motion handling” 
•  Play the video below to hear, in their own words, what What Hi-Fi? thought of this TV.

KD65XH90 / KD65XH92

“Colours are intense, contrast is killer and the inky deep blacks go way beyond LCD expectations”*

Multiple LED zoning allows the XH90 / XH92 to adjust and create contrast depending on the scene, resulting in more light where brightness is needed, and less light where darkness is needed.

"This is one of the best LCD TVs around.”*

Sound positioning tweeters help optimise the location of sound on the screen so you hear precisely controlled, high-quality audio from the right part of the scene. 

*All quotes come from What HiFi's reviews of the KD65XH90 and KD48A9 in October 2020