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I can't pair my Bluetooth headphones or speakers with my computer, or there is no sound even if Bluetooth pairing succeeded

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    In this article, we'll go over some troubleshooting steps for pairing your headphones with a Windows computer or Mac for the following two problems:

    1. You're unable to pair your Bluetooth headphones (or speaker) with the Windows computer or Mac
    2. Your Bluetooth headphones or speaker are paired, but no sound is being output (click or tap to move to section)

    How to pair your Bluetooth Headphones

    Before we start, please feel free to check the following two articles if you're unsure about:

    I can't pair my headphones; my headphones don't appear in the Computer Bluetooth list

    Bluetooth checklist

    We know that checklists aren't always fun, but please assure yourself of the following:

    1. Your headphones are in Bluetooth pairing mode. It's easy to miss, especially with headphones or speakers that do not have a dedicated Bluetooth button
      Turning them on does not equal activating Bluetooth pairing mode. Oh, and charge them if the battery level is low because that also disables Bluetooth pairing. 
    2. A new device can't find your headphones if they're already connected to a different device. Sure, some models have multipoint (in other words, they can connect to multiple devices at the same time). But Bluetooth devices are loyal: they quickly connect to a device they already know, like your smartphone. If they are connected to a different device, you may not find them in the Bluetooth menu. Turn off the Bluetooth of your phone to be sure. 
    3. Bluetooth must be activated on your Computer or Mac. We know it's 'basic stuff', but your computer or Mac should warn you that Bluetooth isn't turned on. You can check the steps for Windows and Mac here:

    Are your headphones still missing? Here are 4 solutions for when your Bluetooth Headphones aren't appearing 

    If you've completed the Bluetooth checklist, please try the following steps:

    1. Update your headphones with the latest software. The Sony Headphones Connect app will help you keep your headphones up to date. 
    2. You can turn Bluetooth on your computer OFF and ON again to refresh the Bluetooth search list.
    3. Initialize your headphones. Initializing means returning them to factory conditions. Doing so will clear all pairing information and automatically put your headphones into Bluetooth pairing mode. You can find the procedure for your Sony headphones in the product help guide
    4. Confirm if you have the latest software installed on your Macbook or if you have the latest Bluetooth drivers installed on your Windows computer.
      • Your computer brand manufacturer can provide the latest Bluetooth drivers on their support website.

    My Bluetooth headphones are connected, but no sound is output from the Windows or Mac computer.

    You've got your headphones connected but are not hearing anything? The most plausible reason is the output device audio setting of your computer or Mac or in the application that you're using. 

    1. Default playback device
      Your Mac or Windows PC has the speakers as the default playback device. You can change the output device in the sound settings:
    2. App-specific settings
      Some apps have specific output settings for audio (e.g. Audio streaming apps or online meeting apps). These apps may still select the speakers as default. Check the app audio settings to confirm that your headphones are selected as the primary playback device. The more connected output devices are in your vicinity  (e.g., headphones, TVs, or multiple smart speakers), the higher the likelihood of switching output devices