Article ID : 00254818 / Last Modified : 02/12/2020

How to assign the [TV] remote control button to the YouView app

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    This article only applies if you have installed the latest firmware update, (6.4960 and later), on your TV. Downloads are posted on our support website

    You can quickly launch your favourite broadcast app (e.g. Sony’s TV app or YouView app) on your Sony Android TV by pressing the [TV] button on the remote control. Your TV will then decide what broadcast app to launch based on factors like signal or network connection.

    To make sure the YouView app is launched every time you press the [TV] button on the remote control, change your TV settings, as shown in the pictures below.

    To change your TV settings

    1. On the supplied remote control, press the [HOME] button.
    2. Select the  (Settings/gear) icon.
    3. In the [Settings] menu select [Watching TV] → [TV button shortcut (Live TV & Catch Up)] → [Digital (Live TV & Catch Up)], as shown in the pictures below.