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The connection is sometimes lost while watching YouTube

    When the Internet connection drops while you are watching YouTube videos, follow the steps below.

    IMPORTANT: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the status of the Internet connection after completing each step.

    1. Check the radio field intensity of the access point. If the radio wave of the access point is weak, the connection becomes unstable and the access point may not be connected. To check the condition of radio wave, follow the steps below.

      1. On the supplied remote control of the TV, press the Home button.
      2. Select Help.
      3. Select Customer Support.
      4. Select View Network setting and status.
      5. Check the Signal Strength from the displayed screen.

    2. As there may be a communication failure between the TV and the access point router, put the access point router closer to the TV and check whether the problem is resolved.
    3. Turn off the power supplies of the Bluetooth device and other access point devices then check whether the problem is resolved.


      • Bluetooth devices use radio wave in 2.4GHz band in the same way as wireless access points.
      • Bluetooth is used for a wireless keyboard, mouse, and wireless controller of PlayStation.
      • The access point communication of the TV may not be properly performed due to radio wave of other access point devices.

    4. Change the wireless channel of the access point router and update the firmware.


      • The communications in a specific wireless band or wireless channel may become unstable due to noise and other wireless devices. The communications may be stabilised by changing the wireless channel of the access point router.
      • Update the firmware of the access point router into its latest version.
      • For details on how to change the wireless channel and how to update the firmware, please contact the router manufacturer.