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My Sony TV doesn't power on and doesn't respond to the remote or power button

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    Check if your TV doesn't have any power/is not responding or if it's a different issue

    Visual symptoms of no power

    These are some of the symptoms of a TV that doesn't power on or isn't responsive: 

    1. No LED light: There is no front light (LED) visible. The LED light should normally light up when the TV is ON. 
    2. No Volume display: When you press the volume up or down button, you can't see a bar or number go up. The screen is black. 
    3. Red LED light blinking: Refer to the guide for troubleshooting a blinking red LED.

    Incorrect input source

    Sometimes, your TV might only seem like it's unresponsive or not powered on, whereas, in reality, the issue is the input source

    If you see a black screen with letters or a screen full of triangles, press the input button on your remote control  to get to the correct input channel. It's usually located on the top left side of your remote control, opposite the Power button. 

    My TV definitely has no power and is not responding

    Your TV is most likely malfunctioning and needs repair or replacement. You can either contact your Sony TV dealer or book a professional repair for your Sony TV.

    Alternatively, there are a few final checks you can perform to see if you can get your TV working again. 

    Step 1: Do a test by using the power button on your TV

    1. Your TV has an actual power button on the TV - usually on the back (right or left side) or at the bottom of the TV frame. 
    2. Once you've found it, press it to power ON the TV. 
    3. If that works, the issue is your remote control or batteries.

    Step 2: Check if the power cable is firmly connected & power cycle

    1. Verify if your TV power cable is correctly attached to both the TV and the power outlet. If you use a cable with an adapter block, make sure the cable is also firmly inserted at the adapter entry point, then try powering on the TV.
    2. After you've confirmed the cables, perform a power cycle reset: Unplug the cable, leave it out for 30 seconds and reinsert it. 

    Step 3: Check the AC outlet or power strip

    Test the outlet with another device which you know works to check if the outlet is working.

    Step 4: Disconnect all external devices

    Unplug all connected devices like game consoles and soundbars from your Sony TV. Try powering on the Sony TV again.

    Step 5: Try a forced factory data reset using TV buttons (ONLY FOR ANDROID TV & GOOGLE TV)

    The last step you can try is a forced factory data reset. You can perform a manual reset by pressing buttons on the TV and inserting the cable, even if the TV isn't powered on or isn't responsive.