Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • PDW-F800

Improvement of Disc Servo firmware to correct “DRV ADJ err”  or “DI read err”  error message appearance.

1.) If this model is used in combination with PDW-U1 or PDW-U2 ,upgrade XDCAM drive software to v2.3.2 or V3.1.1 or higher respectively.
2.) Windows & Mac  FAM Drivers must be upgraded to V2.3.0 or higher beforehand
3.) XDCAM BROWSER  must be upgraded to V1.3 beforehand.
4.) CONTENT BROWSER must be upgraded to V1.1  or above beforehand
5.) If PDW-F800, PDW-HD1500 or PDW-F1600 is used in combination with this model, it must first be upgraded to V1.71 or higher.
6.) HDCA-702 used with this model must be upgraded to V1.10 or higher.
1.) Execute “All File Save” to Memory Stick before starting the upgrade,after the upgrade     please execute “Factory Preset” followed by “All File Load” from MS. 
2.) Be sure to use external DC Power,Battery is not recommended. 
3.) Implement software update without disc inserted. 
4.) Set VDR power save switch to STBY position.
5.) Disconnect all I-Link  and Audio cables.
6.) If the Power is turned OFF during the process,restoration of the software package will not be possible, be careful.
7.) Follow the installation instructions in the Release Notes.